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At Lizzie's Barn we have a specially converted barn, which we use in preference to kennels, surrounded by 10 acres for exercise. Some of our dogs will stay with us forever due to old age or ill-health while others like those listed below are ready to go to new homes. Much of our work is with abandoned dogs and with puppies rejected by commercial breeders. The sanctuary is able to offer them the rich social experience of mixing with people, other dogs, cats, horses and goats that is essential to their development.

We find homes both locally and in other parts of the UK as this enables us to increase the number we can help. However to do this we need increased support. To ensure our dogs go to loving owners, all new homes must be vetted and/or references may be required. As we are a small, family-run rescue without any paid staff, we are unable to invite visitors to the sanctuary prior to vetting. Please contact us by email in the first instance.

  Dogs urgently in need of homes.
While we try to keep these pages as up to date as possible, please remember that dogs arrive and are rehomed on a daily basis. You can read more about our dogs and updates in the Dogpages Forums here...

is a stunning blue merle collie of about 18 months old. He is house trained, good in the car, good with other dogs and cats. He's fine with older children, but he hates being pulled around and doesnt enjoy being kissed - so not suitable for a home with toddlers. He has had a lot of training and shows and learns more tricks each time we play. Very bright and toy obsessed so would be excellent for obedience or agility.
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Barney came to us paralysed after a massive prolonged fits. He now walks and runs very well. His action is a bit odd, but it works. He will always need medication for his epilepsy which costs just under £1 a day, so is not too bad. He loves company, and is inclined to bark when alone. Good with other dogs, house trained and a generally nice dog. We know it will be tough finding someone to give Barney a permanent home but perhap if you can't adopt him youself might consider sending a donation to his costs or maybe even a present just for him.
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Sasha and Bonnie
. These two beautiful girls were left alone in a house for over a week. Both are kind affectionate dogs. Sascha, the longer haired one, is around 18 months and Bonnie about 1 year.They are well behaved indoors and house trained. Both travel well and they love other dogs but they get very anxious if left which is understandably given their background. They have come on a very long way so now need a stay home family who will continue work to build Sasha's confidence in particular.
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is an 11 month old Lab boy looking for a new home. He is a big strong boy, who is going to need to loose a bit of weight. He is also going to need some basic training. He is friendly, and quite playful, but does jump up. He is very strong on the lead. Basically, he is a lovely boy who has not been trained and been allowed to do pretty much what he wants. Danny's new owners will need to be able to put in the time and effort required for the training Danny will need.

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Harry and Sally
lived their first year in one room of a house. They lived with both a human family and their own extended doggy family of grandad, mum and dad and three brothers and sisters. Life was tough with not enough food and little affection. Despite all they are a delightful pair now really enjoying discovering their new world, and especially all the cuddles coming their way. Soon they will be looking for homes which would be better for them to be separate. (See Badger, Harry and Sally's grandfather below.)
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is a beautiful Rottie girl, age about 5 years old who was unclaimed from the pound. Jade is everybodys friend. She has amazingly pretty white patches on her face which give a softer look to her expression and seems to make people feel more confident with her. She mixes well with other dogs and is good with our horses. She seems to be house trained and loves to play with toys.
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is Harry and Sally's grandad. He has lived for 7 years in immense pain with an untreated hip injury and consequently developed a temper to go with it.
He has now been x-rayed and based on the advice of an orthapeadic specialist we will be deciding whether he should have surgery or not. For now he has changed beyond recognition, pain relief, good food and excercise have worked wonders. We hope that Badger too will be able to move on to his own home.
He is great on a lead and good in the car though still a little nervous about getting in. He mixes well with other dogs though he likes them to give him a little space. (Now rehomed )

All of our dogs for adoption will have been neutered if old enough and come with six weeks free insurance cover. We ask for a donation on adoption towards our many costs which enables us to continue our work and to help other dogs. Any dog or puppy can be returned to Lizzie's Barn at any time should the new owner be unable to cope and an undertaking by the owner to do so forms part of our adoption agreement.

If you can offer a home to any of our dogs or would like more details, please contact us here by email.   If you would like to support the work of Lizzie's Barn Sanctuary you can make a donation for any amount by credit card via 'PayPal' by clicking the donate button...

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